Our company A&G Co. s.r.o. was founded in 1999 in the heart of Europe in Prague, Czech Republic.
We are a diversified manufacturer, owning the latest equipment, having our own departments for designing, printing, cutting, packaging, and shipping products to anywhere in the world. We implement the entire production cycle, from the idea to the delivery of the final product to our customers.
Take a look below and find out about our vision, goals and history. 

Under the AG Design® brand, we produce regular collections, AG Design®, Paw Patrol®, Harry Potter®, Peppa Pig®, Transformers®. The entire range of our products is in our warehouses and is ready for shipment in the shortest possible time. 
Below you will find our products, which we produce on regular basis. 

If you need a full-cycle production according to an individual technical task, the production of individual elements, there is always the opportunity to use our production on demand. Products will be produced in the shortest possible time and with superior quality.
Below you will find our products, that we can produce on demand. 

Many years of experience in this industry, our own patented products and proprietary technologies allow us to fulfill almost any desire of our customers, with the highest quality and at an affordable price. You can always contact our specialists for further questions.

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