Textile printing is carried out by our company, using the method of sublimation printing on a roll machine and a roll calander of the latest generation, with our own author’s system for preparing for printing and cutting (if required), with the creation of individual profiles and configuration for each task.

Thanks to our control system, we print with the highest possible image quality, color reproduction and image alignment (multi-element products).

Textile printing technology allows printing on PES and blended media with at least 60% PES without problems. With constant quality, we print on fabrics of various thicknesses, densities and weaving methods, both in standard and special versions (water repellency, fire safety, dosed light transmission and much more)

We print both in CMYK color separations and in custom color separations with imitation of Pantone direct colors.

The maximum media width is 1600 mm. Printing speed (calendered), from 50m2/hour to 160m2/hour, minimum circulation from 1 copy.

The environmental friendliness of the production and use of our products is due to the system of printing with solvent-free water-based ink, followed by fixing in a calender and the use of European base textile materials.







Using the textile printing method, we produce marketing, industrial and author’s runs of curtains, decorative pillowcases, tablecloths, rolled textiles, table mats, printed cuts for clothing and haberdashery, promotional materials, special products for retail chains, marketplaces, DIY stores, brand owners and much more. other.

All products can be made both in a standard version and using the implemented ITC (Image transmitting content) technology, with the function of playing texts, images, music and even video (AG Design® patent), on mobile devices.

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