3D Doming technology is represented in our company by a horizontal XY coordinate machine with our own system for supplying a bicomponent polyurethane compound and configuring for each task.

This technology turns a flat product into a three-dimensional one, with an attractive appearance and reliable protection against moisture, mechanical damage, and UV radiation.

Thanks to our control system, we pour the compound with the highest possible quality of edge processing, coating height and exact conformity to the shape of the product.

3D Doming technology allows you to easily produce three-dimensional products from sheet and roll materials, with and without various adhesive layers, with or without printing, with the possibility of manufacturing from materials with special properties (glitter, chameleon, reflective surface).

We produce products of both standard geometric shapes and any complex configurations.

The environmental friendliness of the production and use of our products is due to the use of the latest generation of machines with a polyurethane compound, which, after drying, becomes environmentally neutral.







Using the 3D Doming method, we produce marketing, industrial and our own editions of car stickers, nameplates, reflectors, marking products, promotional materials, special products for retail chains, marketplaces, DIY stores, brand owners and much more.

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