ITC (Image transmitting content) technology is giving almost any subject additional properties to reproduce texts, images, music and even video (AG Design® patent) on mobile devices.

 The technology can be adapted for almost every professional task, both implemented in a finished product and as an independent product.

This technology uses both visual methods of communication with mobile devices and methods of near contactless communication.

Thanks to our technology, we can manufacture products with already implemented technology, or separate bauds that carry one, two or more communication systems with mobile devices.

ITC (Image transmitting content) technology can be easily implemented in two and three-dimensional products from sheet and roll materials, with various adhesive layers and without them, with or without printing, with the possibility of manufacturing from materials with special properties (glitter, chameleon, retroreflective surface).

We produce products of both standard geometric shapes and any complex configurations.

The environmental friendliness of the production and use of our products is due to the use of the latest environmentally neutral materials.







We implement ITC (Image transmitting content) technology in marketing, industrial and author’s editions of wall murals, posters, borders, car stickers, nameplates, reflectors, marking products, advertising materials, independent access points, plant and tree marking tags, electrical equipment marking tags , price tags for retail chains, marketplaces, DIY stores, and much more.

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