Cutting with a milling cutter is carried out by our company, on a plane cutting XYZ horizontal coordinate machine with a vacuum clamp of the latest generation, with its own author’s system for preparing for cutting with the creation of an individual profile and configuration for each task.

Thanks to our control system, we cut with the highest possible quality of edge processing, cutting accuracy and alignment of image fragments (multi-element products).

Milling technology allows you to easily incise, cut and shapely cut various sheet materials from cast and calendered plastics, acrylic, metallized plastics, wood, metal, artificial stone and much more.

The maximum media size is 3200 x 1600 mm. Thickness up to 50 mm. Cutting speed depending on the material.

The environmental friendliness of the production and use of our products is due to the use of the latest generation of cutters, which give the maximum cleanliness of cutting.







Using milling cutter, we produce marketing, small industrial and author’s runs of drink coasters, wall panels, stands for the design of points of sale, promotional materials, special products for retail chains, marketplaces, DIY stores, brand owners and much more.

Products can be produced in a standard version or with our implemented ITC (Image transmitting content) technology, with the ability to play texts, images, music and even videos (AG Design® patent), on mobile devices.

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