Offset printing is carried out by our company, on sheet-fed presses of the latest generation, with its own author’s system for preparing for printing and cutting (if required), with the creation of individual profiles and configuration for each task.

Thanks to our control system, we print with the highest possible image quality, color reproduction and image alignment (multi-element products).

Our printing technologies make it easy to print on a variety of media. With consistent quality, we print on paper, coated and uncoated nonwovens, plastics, foils, and other types of absorbent and non-absorbent media.

We print both in CMYK, CMYK + White color separations and in custom color separations with Pantone direct colors, mixing to order. It is possible to print with special inks, inks with various effects (glitter, orange skin, chameleon, etc.), post-print processing with classic dispersed or special varnishes.

The maximum printed sheet size is 1850 x 1300 mm for absorbent materials, 1000 x 700 mm for non-absorbent materials. Print speed (depending on media), from 4000/hour to 10000/hour, minimum print run 1000 copies.

The environmental friendliness of the production and use of our products is due to the use of certified environmentally friendly paints and European base materials.







 Using offset printing, we produce industrial runs (from 1000 sheets) of wall murals, decorative borders, wall stickers, table mats, posters, large format promotional materials, packaging cutouts, labels, special products for retail chains, marketplaces, DIY stores, brand owners and much more .

All products can be made both in a standard version and using author’s methods – figuratively cut material according to the shape of the plot, (AG Design® patent), implemented by ITC technology (Image transmitting content), with the function to reproduce texts, images, music, and even video (AG Design® patent), on mobile devices.