Modern AG Design® art curtains are a canvas width from 90 cm to 1.5 meters, special production series for various uses, light transmission from 50% to 0%, a universal fastening system.

The permanent collections of AG Design®, Paw Patrol®, Harry Potter®, Peppa Pig®, Transformers® are created by the creative team of our design studio and contain art curtains of various styles, from classic retro and modern 20s to complex geometric collages. and modern 3D image reconstructions.


A variety of sizes of our art curtains allow you to quickly and originally decorate window, door and other openings of residential and social, industrial and medical, educational and public spaces. We produce curtains of various sizes, taking into account the peculiarities of the regions, with a width of 95 cm, a height of 1.6 m, with a width of one element from 95 cm to 1.5 and unlimited height.

Art blinds AG Design® are produced from various textile materials containing PES from 60% to 100%, printed on modern, regularly updated equipment, with individual profiles and configurations for each task. We produce art curtains with the highest possible image quality, color rendition and combination of image fragments (multi-element art curtains).

The environmental friendliness of the production and use of our curtains is due to the use of environmentally friendly modern water-based paints with a TZU certificate and European-made basic textiles. All art curtains are recommended for use in residential, public, industrial and children’s spaces.

Attractive, durable clear packaging prevents damage and contains curtain art, multilingual instructions and universal mounting hooks designed specifically for our photo curtains.



We make curtains to order (OEM), any configuration, any length, height and quantity / size from 1 element.

Wall mural can be made from any available materials, according to original layouts provided by the customer, or created by our design bureau according to the customer’s specifications.

Upon request, various types of packaging can be produced, according to original layouts provided by the customer, or created by our design office according to the customer’s technical specification.

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